Olaplex Treatment

Is your hair feeling dry or damaged? Looking lack-lustre? Olaplex prevents hair breakage and colour fade…

This innovative Olaplex hair treatment nourishes and strengthens coloured hair leaving it healthier, stronger and with longer lasting colour.

Olaplex Salon

Olaplex: insurance for hair

“Condition is the number one concern for our clients when having their hair coloured. Of course we use the best professional hair dyes, however, ultimately even the highest quality colour can leave your hair weaker and more prone to damage,” explains Salon Director Emma.

“But now we have Olaplex. Described as ‘insurance for your hair’ it delivers stunning results by repairing previous damage caused to the hair by colouring. Our clients are thrilled by the results. It really surprises them how much of a difference it makes. Their hair is transformed and they love how shiny and soft it is.”

Free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and gluten the Olaplex is never tested on animals and is loved by celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

Prevent colour fade with Olaplex

Olaplex can be added to any colour service and does not affect the colour shade in any way. It works in harmony with the dye to protect and repair vulnerable strands, whilst preserving the colour for much longer – the result is super glossy, vibrant locks.

“It truly restores the condition of your hair and protects it from premature colour fade. It also means I can create the shades and look my clients want as their hair is in better condition. Most clients wouldn’t want their hair coloured without it now” enthuses Emma.

Reduce hair breakage with Olaplex

Heat styling and regular colour treatments damage the bonds in your hair strands, leading to hair breakage. Unlike most standard conditioning treatments, Olaplex penetrates past the surface of the hair replenishing the inside and repairing the damaged hair shaft. The re-connected bonds mean your tresses are stronger, healthier and less prone to breakage.

“Olaplex doesn’t just make the hair look better, it feels better too as the treatment fully restores the moisture from within. Breakage is reduced and your hair will be so much healthier.”

Olaplex repairs hair in salon and at home

We stock the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector in salon and it’s the ideal take-home treatment to continue repairing your locks and preserving your colour at home. It contains the same professional formula used in our salon treatments so you can achieve beautiful results for weeks after your hair appointment.

Ask your Mirror Mirror hair stylist to add Olaplex to your next colour treatment or request a stand-alone treatment for gorgeously smooth, strong and healthy hair.

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